Monday, April 21, 2014

Extra Credit Speaking Opportunity

Many of you have had extra speaking opportunities in the ML community, at your home churches, at your sport's banquets, for chapel, and many other places and occasions. Describe your speaking opportunity and you will receive some extra credit based on your response, your practice time, the length of your speech, and your efforts in helping us understand the event in your post. Things to consider as you write...

What was the occasion?
Was it an impromptu speech or did you prepare?
Where you speaking alone or were you part of a group?
How long did you prepare?
Did you practice with an adult?
How long was your speech?
How many people were in the audience?
Did you receive some feedback from audience members? What did they say?

As always, grammar and syntax are important! Due by May 22 (11:59 p.m.)


  1. One of the occasions where I spoke in front of a crowd was at my baby cousin's funeral. It was sort of an impromptu because I didn't know that I was going to have to talk in front of a crowd but I did have a sheet that I could read off of. However, I didn't have a lot of time to read through it so I read it for the first time when I had to read it in front of everyone. I was speaking alone and the pastor asked me like 5 minutes before I had to read it if I would like to read it. It wasn't really a speech but more of a poem and it was about 3 minutes long. There were about 100 people in the audience. I did receive a lot of feedback in the audience and they said that they respected me for going up there and talking during such a hard time on such a short notice. They also said that even though I didn't prepare I read the poem very good and looked very relaxed. As I read the poem, I did in fact feel very relaxed and this is because I just took my time with reading it and did it all for my baby cousin.

  2. Another time when I had to speak in front of a crowd was in my coronation when I won queen in Mexico. This had to be a little short speech talking about anything I wanted to and thanking everybody. Thankfully, I wrote out my speech and had a lot of practice of about a week. In my speech, I thanked everybody and talked about how that was a once in a lifetime experience. I had to speak alone for this and I practiced my speech any little time I could. I practiced it before my family, friends, and in front of a mirror. My speech was about 5 minutes long and there were about 100 or more people in the audience. When I actually gave the speech, I gave it good except that I blanked out a little bit but in the end it all turned out fine and everyone gave me a huge applause. Everyone liked what I said and said that I will always be remembered especially for my speech. They just said that I was too shy. In conclusion, I am now a better speaker than I was before.

  3. I spoke at both freshmen orientations this past senior year. I had prepared for these speeches my junior year after an assignment in web tools in which we made a prezi that had to do with surviving freshmen year of high school. I also gave this same speech twice my junior year, however I forgot most of it by the time senior year rolled around. So I had to review, A LOT. Just remembering how many clicks in each "slide" of the prezi was time consuming! I ended up printing out slide by slide of my prezi and reading it over and over in my head. I practiced my speech with Mr. K my junior year but my senior year I just read over it in my head with no adults. I spoke alone on the stage in the WFAC to about 40 adults and kids four times over the course of my senior and junior year. My speech was about 8 minutes long give or take. The first speech I gave I had plenty of feedback from teachers, from parents in the audience, and a few incoming students. They all said I spoke well and didn't look nervous. I felt super nervous however, probably because Dr. Jensen was there and he makes me nervous. The second speech Dr. Jensen said I could leave right after the speech so I didn't get any comments from the audience on my last speech. However, I think that was my best one yet. I think I did just fine on all of them though, looking back at in hindsight.

  4. I spoke in front of all the parents in my boy scout troop while presenting my eagle scout project. I was mostly an impromptu speech. I just had a few bullet points of things I had to make sure I said. I was speaking by myself in front of a group of about 20 parents. I only prepared for this speech about 15 minutes before hand thinking of how i should word the information I had to state. All together my speech lasted around 10 minutes give or take. Many of the parents thought I did a good job of getting the main idea across. They didn't think I was nervous but I was a little towards the beginning but then began to relax the more I talked. I think it was one of the hardest speeches I ever gave because it was the far most important speech I had ever given.

  5. I spoke at our soccer banquet. It was a bit improper with sir william and i expecting the interim coach to lead it we quickly wrote down what we were to say about each player and the overall season. We spoke separate but we each talked about separate players at separate time. We prepare for about ten minutes. We each spoke for about a half hour with also handing out awards. We did not practice and my guess was around a hundred people with there being 25 players and there family's were there. I had much positive feedback with parents after telling me I did a great job and they were impressed also got them to laugh.

  6. I spoke at my grandfathers funeral. I did prepare for the speech by writing a eulogy for him. I spoke alone, but others said things too, after or before. I prepared for several days I wanted my speech to be remembered at the funeral. I did not get help by an adult. The speech was about a page and a half long. About 75 people were there. I did not receive anything from the audience except my grandmother which she said I did a amazing job, and she put the speech in with the burial ceremony