Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One-Minute of Fame

What are you famous for doing? After your one minute of fame speech, reflect on it below. Write one well-written and thought-out paragraph. Use complete sentences and correct grammar. Upper classmen should be writing paragraphs with compound and complex sentences that are a minimum of six sentences long. Things to consider (you do not need to include all of them)

  1. eye contact
  2. nervousness
  3. audience feedback
  4. preparation 
  5. speaking rate (too fast? too slow? too many pauses?)
  6. gestures (Did you do any?)
  7. poise and presence 
  8. introduction and conclusion
  9. organization
  10. facial expressions
  11. The actual trick, talent, or gift you shared--would you do that again or pick something else?

What went well? What do you need to work on for the next speech? Be as specific as possible! 

In addition, leave feedback for at least two students. Feedback should be specific and original


  1. I felt really good about this speech. I talked about some of my dance experiences and I really enjoyed doing that because it is something I am truly passionate about. I would definitely do that again. I was barely even nervous this time around and also my gestures and eye contact were better. I do need to really work on my voice and rate because I tend to sound shaky and talk too fast. I need to also work on tying in my introduction to my conclusion better, too.

    Nick - I really enjoyed how you told us about your passion for acting. It was cool to see that side of you and hearing your experiences. I would just say you need to work on having a stronger conclusion. Overall it was good and you always seem comfortable in front of everyone.

    Adam - I thought it was so cool you played guitar for the class. I had no idea you did that or had that many guitars. It was a really good speech and I enjoyed listening. I think you need to change up your voice and expressions during your speeches, too just to not sound monotone at times. But overall you did a good job!

    1. Hailey: I thought that your speech was really good. You seemed really calm and not nervous as you gave it. You had good posture as you gave it while still using many gestures and putting those two things together made you look very professional. I liked your topic because when I was a cheerleader, I would also feel as if people never really knew how much it meant to us and how in the "cheerleading world", it is a big deal. I also give you a lot of respect for going up there by yourself because I know how scary it is and how intimidating the judges can be. You spoke at a good rate and I liked your outfit. Your eye contact was really good except that your voice seemed really shaky. You need to work a little on your conclusion because if the camera would not have turned off, I would not have known that you were done. In conclusion, your speech was good and interesting like always!

  2. Taylor- I thought you did really well with your speech! It seemed to have a really good flow to it and I found the poem you wrote very interesting! You did not seem nervous and you spoke very clearly, as I could understand everything that you said! A couple things to work on might be firstly to give a little pauses in the transitions. I know you won't be reading off a poem every speech, but in the breaks of the poem, a nice pause would go in nicely. I also noticed while reading the poem you were kind of playing with your nails it looked like. Otherwise I thought you used good gestures throughout the whole speech! Good job and keep up the good work Taylor!

    1. Thanks Nick! :) I will try and work on my pauses and gestures.

  3. I felt pretty good about this speech. My nervousness isn't as bad as it used to be, and I seem more conscious of what I am talking about. I might need to work on eye contact a little more, but I didn't keep track of how it went this time. I had really good audience feedback, and apparently really good organization. Overall I am happy with my speech.

    Cyrus- I really enjoyed listening to your speech. You were very good about engaging the audience with your speech. However, I think you should try not to take too much time to react to someone if they are being distracting. I really enjoy the voices you can make and really good job!

    Hailey- I thought you recited a marvelous speech. You did a really good job at remembering everything you had to say. You have great facial expressions and your gestures are getting more and more natural each time. Your topic was a great choice and I was interested the whole time! I think if you have a more exciting conclusion you will go out with a bang and leave the audience wanting more.

    1. Oh my goodness. You're speech by far this year was the most entertaining but most unpleasant as well. Something that I thought you did very well was you built up to the moment. You started telling a few stories then you got to the story, shared it, and then showed it. It was a true one minute of fame.

  4. I thought this speech went pretty well. Although, i do however seem to fix what i did wrong in other speeches but continue to do something else wrong. For instance, i kept looking up when I was thinking, I usually do this just to make things not as awkward but it didn't seem to work out well. But overall, I thought i went pretty well.

    Cyrus- I found your speech very interesting. I never knew you were so good at impersonating voices! Overall I enjoyed the speech and you engaged the class very well.

    Trevor- Nice job with the speech bro! It was funny and interesting. I also never really saw your highlight video before and that brought back many memories of us going ham in football! You engaged everyone well and made things interesting. Although, I think a exciting conclusion would have really made it great.

  5. From Alexis:
    I think my speech went pretty well. I gave a speech on something i enjoyed and something that i was very familiar with! I watched my video over again and I noticed I had the same facial expression the whole time. It bother me because I wish I could just whisper in my ear in that video telling myself to switch up my faces. I feel a lot more comfortable speaking in front of people now. If I had to go up and wing it I would be able to without much nerves. Im happy with my progression!

    Taylor- I like your poem. You didn't just use simple words such as like, as, these, day, you. Basically the easy words to rhyme with. You as well as me seem a lot less nervous now that you've got a couple of speeches under your belt. I like how you seemed calm and the words just flowed out. Good job tay tay.

    Adam- You clearly can play the guitar. You seemed at ease and I didn't hear you mess up as you played at all. Even if you did you defiantly didn't show it! I say have a little bit stronger of a conclusion. Thats something the whole class needs to work on including me! (besides megan) Over all good job and keep doing well!

    1. Alexis, I really enjoyed your speech and even though it had to be memorized, it looked like you had no problem with doing that and it looked like you didn't forget a thing! You had a lot of gestures in your speech and they all seemed natural. I agree with what you say that you had the same facial expression on your face the whole time. You didn't seem nervous at all and you seemed well prepared. This speech was not graded for dressing up but I think that it wasn't a good idea to wear a hoodie because it just seemed like you were giving a speech, but you were not all that into it. I hope you make some of those poppers for me one day. You spoke at a good pace and at a good volume. In conclusion, you did great like always!

  6. I think i did fairly well, I thought it was pretty funny when I did the face on the music video I shared. I gave good eye contact and I believe that I am getting used to giving speeches and not get nervous like I used to be. I i noticed that i did sway back and forth at first and I didn't know it until I thought about it then I stopped. Although i did smile a lot, i do that when i get nervous. i thought it would be better talking about something that i like doing alt then have been giving something that i have to do, so i could say tht i did enjoy this speech very much.

    Kelly: i though your minute of fame was awesome, iv'e never seen a contortionist and what u did was kinda creepy but in a GOOD way lol, but i guess its what your best known for. You seemed really confident when you spoke too. i thought in full you did a fantastic job at doing the minute of fame speech

    Adam: I thought you did a great job playing a guitar, although i think you just made up a song on the fly , it was still good. i thought you did well on presenting us with your story about how your dad taught you how to play guitar. overall i think you speech was superb.

  7. I think I did alright. I wasn't as enthused as I could have been about it, probably because I was exhausted and out of it. As usual my eye contact was good, my tone and rate were fine, but I realized I really like using note cards. I don't like going up their with nothing to hold or look at (not that I look at it a lot) but it is a safety thing I think. I forgot my conclusion which I think is what screwed me over.

    Kelly - Your circus freak act was awesome. It was super original and you built up to it which is what made me and I think the audience so drawn to it. This was the best speech you've given by far, I think you looked really at ease and calm up there. Plus your act was awesome~ You definitely made it memorable!

    Alexis - I have never seen you look so at ease during a speech before. You sounded really well- very rehearsed but in a good way. I like the background you gave with it, it made it nice and personal. Also, this is kind of weird but you had really good posture, it made you seem very professional. Plus the pepper thing was delicious! Very unique unlike your typical cupcakes or cookies.

  8. I thought that my speech was fine. It was definitely not my favorite. I could have done better, as Nick said above, I did mess around with my hands a lot. I was very nervous for this one, because I don't like to "brag" about myself. It was quite difficult to pick a topic for this speech because I don't really have much that I am good at. Overall, it was not my worst speech, but not my best either.

    Cyrus- I did not expect your talent, and that is what made you so unique. I loved the surprise. I also liked the way that you interacted with the class and had them give you phrases to say. Overall, it was very unique and clever.

    Kyle- You are just a natural. Your announcing skills are amazing! I love your passion of the game. ML Live-stream will never be the same without you. I know you will do great things in your future.

    Kelly- I wish that I could do the human jump rope! Trust me I attempted to do it, and I just can't. You had me very entertained and you have amazing facial expressions!

    *extra note: Katelyn- I loved the wink at the end of your speech! :)

  9. Overall I felt like this was not the best speech I have ever given. I got a little stuck at the end of my speech which caused me to get nervous, which resulted in a lot of "you knows" and repeating my words. I need to continue to improve this and work to make use of pauses when I get a little lost, to gather myself so that I won't speed up or use as many filler words. This speech was a difficult one to find a topic for and I did not settle on my choice until the day before and because of that I did not have a lot of time to work on it so I really just threw it together and made it more of an improtu speech than anything else.

    Kellie- AHHH! Please do not ever do that again. It made me feel scared and kind of grossed out, yet interrested. I really liked how calm you were while doing this, even though you grossed out the entire class. Overall, your speech was one of the best and you are making major improvements! (P.S. Why are so many people having trouble spelling your name?)

    Cyrus- I loved your speech so much. I really enjoy doing impressions as much as I love to hear them. Your impressions were hilarious and spot on. Your intro built it up and you definitely delievered. Finally I really enjoyed how easy going you are when you give a speech and I think you do an excellent job of interracting with the crowd.

    Adam- I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar so maybe you could teach me sometime! I think this was your best speech yet and I didn't know you had such a passion for playing th guitar. Overall, another good speech and you continue to become a great public speaker.

  10. I believe that this speech was my best speech so far. I never really get nervous playing my saxophone in front of people, trust me I've played in front of 2000 people before. I just don't understand why i get nervous speaking. I also believe that knowing that i had my saxophone to back me up, helpped me to speak a little bit better.
    Megan- Your speech once again was flawless. You can get up there and speak with ease and i think that this will help you do a lot in the future. You had a great minute of fame story and picture to back it up with. Great job!
    Cyrus- This speech definitely showed me a different side of you. I've know you a while and always thought you where just the quiet kid just doing his own thing, but after i saw you loosen up in front of the class, it really was surprising. Aside from the amazing voices, you had a great intro and conclusion to top it off. Fantastic!

    1. You had a great performance with you're solo. I really enjoyed it you weren't nervous one bit. I would've liked a little more talking about the solo and how or why you are known for it but you're performance was awesome.

  11. I enjoyed this speech and thought it was pretty easy. I thought I did really good with eye contact, which I no longer need to think about anymore. Now I just need to learn how to use gestures more naturally. I now feel comfortable with my speaking rate, but can probably still use to increase my volume. Over all, I felt really prepared this week and glad that I picked the topic that I did.

    Cyrus- Your voices were great and definitely deserve a star on the wall. I did not expect to hear the greatest smegel voice of my life to come from you. Keep it up and use a different voice for each of your next speeches.

    Kellie - First of all you are gross. It was impressive how you kept structure with in the speech even though everyone was freaking out. When you speak you make everything seem effortless, and actually seem like you are enjoying yourself.

  12. I thought that this speech was kinda cool and all but i thought that my speech was awful because i wrote it the night before in my head and then i got choked up a bit halfway through and also i wish i had like a video or something i could have shown everyone.

    Cyrus- gaba your speech was my favorite, it made everybody laugh because it was so entertaining and unexpected

    Trevor- nice speech trevor i enjoyed watching your football highlights and i thought your speech was good because you were not nervous and spoke with such confidence

  13. Whatever I do i can never give a long enough speech. I did how every think that this speech went very well. I made eye contact with the audience throughout the entire speech. I also made good use of my hand gestures. I still need to work on making a stong conclusion as I feel mine are often weak. I also need to make sure I give long enough speeches.

    Kellie- Your speech was fantastic even though it grossed me out. You made the audience quetion what you were going to do the entire time and I thought was a good quality.

    Cyrus- I didn't know you had that secret talent and it is a good one. Not to many people know how to do a good accent

  14. I thought that this was a fun speech, not only to give, but to watch. I did not bother me that this speech had to be memorized because it was only a minute and I have memorized most of my speeches so far anyway. I think I can still work on my eye contact. I felt that my eyes were darting all over the place. I am trying to be less nervous when I go up, but I always end up psyching myself out.

    Kellie - I liked that you kept us on our toes. I thought you were just going to talk about being double jointed, but then you did the human jump rope and it was really gross. Every speech you do is getting better and better!

    Kyle- I thought you had a really nice opening.You used examples of past announcers and it really helped tie your speech together. You always seem so relaxed and ready to go. You make great eye contact and are always organized. I like the use of the video. It gave us clear example about why that is your minute of fame.

  15. For Mady:
    myself: I thought this speech was one of my better speeches. I went up to speak confident and calm. I let my normal personality come out. I tried to stay away from starting my speech with "so" and "uhm" like most everyone started theirs. I also tried to not end my speech with "in conclusion" because I think that just sounds awkward.

    Adam: Adam had one of the best speeches by far. He showed passion for what he loves and really through himself into the music when he started playing. I was nicely surprised by how good he is! One thing to work on is making better eye contact.

    Megan: I know Megan very well and was very happy she picked to talk about her pictures. Megan's pictures are something she treasures ad would do anything to get the shot she wants. Megan's speaking is always entertaining to hear because her personality always shows through. I though the only thing to work on was swaying.

  16. Cyrus-I thought my speech was awesome. Going up in front of the class and doing my voice impersonation made me feel a lot more confidant in giving my speeches and it was a lot of fun for me. The intro was good but I really need to work on my conclusion. I really didn’t say a lot for my conclusion. I wish I would’ve thought of more stuff to say for my conclusion, but other than that, this was my best speech yet.
    Brandon- You never cease to amaze me whenever you play your tenor saxophone. You did a phenomenal job playing some of your solo and overall, you did a great job.
    Kellie- Your human jump rope talent was incredibly freaky and gross, but I love it. You were really calm and you acted like you’ve done it a hundred times before and I thought it was funny when you grossed out everyone in the classroom, even me.

  17. I thought my speech went better than expected and I covered every point I wanted to. I felt confident, and excited when I first got up to give my speech. I felt I had good I contact but not sure how my gestures went I can't really remember that. But I got a laugh from the audience so I could tell that they were all paying attention and interested as well. I wish that I had the game and a controller for a prop but my sister had taken them to collage with her. Overall I felt very confident giving my speech and felt it went very well.

  18. From Chance:
    I thought my speech went okay. Not as well as I hoped for. Kind of made it an impromptu speech, which was a mistake. But I thought I did pretty good. I stared to much at the screen and not making a lot of eye contact. Showing a video is kind of a distractin to me. I feel ten times more confident with giving speeches and am looking forward to the "I treasure speech…"

    Abbi - I liked her speech a lot. Her speech was funny and unique. Being able to plug your nose with your lips is an awesome talent. Overall her speech was good. Organized and memorized, I feel like she practiced a lot.

    Kellie - Gross. That's all I have to say. Still trying to do the human jump rope myself. Probably never happening. But it's worth a try. Other than that your speech was amazing. I really enjoyed it. It was very well organized and could tell she memorized and practiced the total amount.

  19. I thought my speech was one of my better ones so far. I felt that I did not use as many filler words and actually tried to memorize it as best as i could. I felt that i did not sway near as bad, buti could still work on improving that. I tried my best not making it impromptu speech. I am way more confident speaking infront of the class thenI was for our first speech.

    Kellie- Kellie your speech really got my attention! That was defiantanly unique and I will remember you for that. I thought it was a well put together speech and you did not use many filler words! I enjoyed it and learned something new about you.

    Alexis- Alexis I love that you interact with the class it keeps us, or atleast me focused on what you are saying. I think you are getting stronger with your speaking ability and I personally think you are one of the better speakers in the class! Ps i really enjoyed those jalepeno poppers!

  20. I thought my speech was alright. I know I definitely still have room to improve though. One area I could of done better for this speech was in the presentation. I feel like I should of only choose to play of clip of the video instead of the whole thing. I think the video was too long which caused some to lose interest. Another area I still need to improve on is verbally running through my speeches.

    Kellie: You definitely had the most interesting presentation. Although it was somewhat gross, it was a very interesting speech. You controlled the audience's attention very well.

    Cyrus: You presented very well. That was the most confident and comfortable of a presentation that you have given. You did very well in going with the flow during your speech and it was enjoyable.

  21. I thought that this speech could have gone a lot better considering that I practiced a lot even while I was at work. Since it had to be memorized, I was very nervous. It was not nervousness about giving the speech, but about forgetting what I was planning on saying. My eye contact was good considering that I didn't have anything else to look at. I think that it was only when I forgot parts of my speech that I started to look off in a distance to try to remember what I needed to say. I think that my speaking rate was good and I was talking at a good calm pace. I tried to use a couple gestures but like always, I could use a lot more. I think that I could have had better poise and I could have stood taller. I think that my speech was organized and clear and that it had a good conclusion but my introduction could have been better. I think that my facial expressions were okay but could be better. I was excited to give a good speech and I was in a great mood. I got some little laughs from my audience and I knew they were interested to see how neat my handwriting really was. I think I would change my talent because there are so many other things I could do but they require more space or different materials that I didn't have accessible to me. In conclusion, my speech was okay with the exception that I started to forget what I wanted to say.