Monday, November 3, 2014

Extra Credit Speaking Opportunity

Many of you have had extra speaking opportunities in the ML community, at your home churches, at your sport's banquets, for chapel, and many other places and occasions. Describe your speaking opportunity and you will receive some extra credit based on your response, your practice time, the length of your speech, and your efforts in helping us understand the event in your post. Things to consider as you write...

What was the occasion?
Was it an impromptu speech or did you prepare?
Where you speaking alone or were you part of a group?
How long did you prepare?
Did you practice with an adult?
How long was your speech?
How many people were in the audience?
Did you receive some feedback from audience members? What did they say?

As always, grammar and syntax are important! Due by January 5 (11:59 p.m.)


  1. I have been in seven ML productions, and have had to memorize lines for all of them. Although on a stage with blinding lights, I still knew the audience was there, which have me more of an adrenaline rush that actual stage fright. I practiced with the cast and before the director for any time between a month the two and a half months before performing. I think that acting is more comfortable than actual speaking because you get into character and aren't actually yourself on stage. In Willy Wonka, as Mrs.Gloop, I found myself pushing a new boundary by learning an accent. I always get immediate feedback from the audience based on their clapping, but also the comments after the show. One reliable spire for an honest opinion on my performance and anything that can be fixed, is from my parents, who notice the little details. Overall, my experiences acting in ML productions has been done of the most fun I have ever had!

    1. Also, I was a VBS teacher over the summer. I had the unique challenge of trying to keeping a group of 12 five year olds about creation, and Jesus's life and death. I had a lesson plan and two hours to fit in the lesson, devotion, snack, and, with the most difficulty on the world, a sticky, sparkly craft. Although it was a challenge learning all of their names and habits and how to connect to each one, but by the time the week was over, they all had memorized the stories and hymns. I was proud of that week and learned a ton from that experience.

  2. This is a stretch, but I am in concert choir and troubadours, memorizing music and singing for people. I went to Hales Corners because I was asked to speak in a Christmas audio for the school Christmas CD. Lastly, I do do the announcements several times a week. So adding all of that up hopefully that give me enough extra credit.

  3. This year I was able to be involved as one of the ompa loompas for the musical. I only had one solo line, but I still had to practice it several times along with the many songs we had to sing. The feedback from the audience was that I did pretty good for my extremely same part.

    Since that is only one small thing, I recently had to make a small speech at my church to gather winter clothing for the burmese children. This speech was pretty much handed to me, and I only got to read it over twice, and hope that I would do alright. However, when I got in front of 100 or so people I got really nervous and stumbled a bit.